The Middle Ages : Mid Term Essay

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Mid term
The anarchic time of the Roman Empire were forced to deal with tremendous challenges that caused the empire to spilt into three East, West and South. The biggest and most devastating challenge was the fall of Rome, which divides the empire in the first place. The east was mostly Germanic catholic tribes who banded together to control what was left of Rome and soon become the Carolingian empire, the South were control by the Muslims, while the East was the Greek orthodox Byzantine Empire. Though Rome falling was a abominable event the empires in the east and south were advancing at a rapid pass while the east empire was seen as backwards and behind the march to progress.
Though the unsurpassable Roman Empire was great it was inflicted with internal hardship that soon brought the empire to its knees. The Roman Empire prided itself for its strong leaders, but soon found that good leaders are few and far in between. It can be argued that after Julie’s Creaser the leadership becomes more and more ineffective. Each new emperor becomes less connected to the people and seen them self more as a god than a man. The best example is Caligula the evil Emperor who proclaimed himself a god. The best way to describe Caligula is, as an insane emperor who was self-absorbed, angry, killed on a whim, and indulged in too much spending and sex and the common people loved him.
While the internal damage greed and corruption was taken it toll external forces were coming the…

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