The Middle Ages And The Dark Ages Essay

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The Middle Ages or the Dark ages?
The Middle ages in Europe started around 500 A.D. and lasted for about 1000 years. It started with the downfall of Rome, which was resulted in the disruption in trade, downfall of cities and population shift from urban to the countryside. This made Europe stop growing as a society because the lack of trade lead to interchange stops, lack of cities lead to a stunt in the educational system, when the population moved countryside any progression stopped in general. This set Europe back into a very dark time. The Middle Ages do deserve to be called the Dark Ages because Rome had its downfall do to Germanic invasions, diseases such as the bubonic plague and the loss of literature and art.
Between the years of 400 to 600 A.D. Germanic countries began to invade the once great Roman Empire. One of these groups were the Visigoths. “The Visigoths slashed their way across Europe, heading for the heart of the empire. In 408, they reached the walls of Rome. Alaric demanded land and supplies of the Romans. Three times, he blockaded the city while terrified Romans negotiated with him. Finally, in 410, the Visigoths burst in. For three days, they sacked the city, stripping it of its riches. For the first time in nearly 800 years of domination, Rome had been vanquished by an enemy” (Proenza 1). This completely took down the Roman Empire. Taking advantage of Europe’s weakness many countries started to invade, by 800 A.D. Europe faced invaders from…

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