Essay about The Middle Ages : A Time Of Political Disorder

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The Middle Ages: a time of political disorder, unhinged economies, and important social changes. It was times such as this unsettled period that the illustrious Geoffrey Chaucer appeared, among many creative and literary figures of this time period. Belief played a hefty role throughout the Middle Ages. Many community and altruistic events were held at the church and Pilgrimages were likewise popular as they were ways to express deep devotion to God. The most important social part Religion planed in the daily life of the Middle Ages, people in medieval times believed their social parts and thought they could not improve and work their way up the social ladder because they assumed it was what God’s will for them was, to only achieve their given roles; this outlook can give one an impression of the strong direction religion had in people’s daily lives.

Geoffrey Chaucer is deliberated to be the father of English literature. He had held numerous diplomatic positions and had been guided by Edward III on several “diplomatic missions in France, Genoa, and Florence. His travels exposed him to the work of authors such as Dante, Boccaccio and Froissart.” (Editors) Because of his tactful positions, one should keep in mind that Chaucer probably had a strong and precise idea of the political condition in England. Chaucer’s mindfulness of the events taking place around him becomes quite obvious when one reads his works and one pays attention to the characters and the situations they…

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