Essay The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator

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The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality assessment that utilizes the ideas of Carl Jung to look at four personality dimensions of a person. After taking the MBTI, I was described as an ENFJ. E standing for extrovert, N for intuition, J for judging, and F for feeling. Three of these letters were perfectly acceptable as a means to describe my personality. Yes I am an extrovert, I do rely on my intuition, and yes I’m in tune with my feelings. However, I couldn’t get over receiving a J for judging. What exactly did that mean, and how did that represent me? Especially considering my whole life I’ve tried my best to be a nonjudgmental person. So I went in for more research. In my studies I found out first that 2.4 percent of the population received ENFJ as a result for their MBTI assessment, and 54.2 percent of the population received a J in their results. But what did judgement stand for? It turns out that receiving the judging trait simply means you are “action-oriented, [and a] get-the-task done-and-don’t-look-back type.” (Pearson 529) This is vastly different from the P, or perceiving type who “are willing to adapt and modify decisions, be spontaneous, and who are naturally curios and tend to put off making a final decision so that all possibilities are covered.” (Pearson 529) I found these results to be incredibly accurate, especially when taking into account how I received the judging trait, and my fiancé was a perceiving type. In fact we have many…

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