The Mexican Worker Essay example

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for the Mexican worker. The logic and goals of the government are sound but the results are minimal, in reality maquiladora industries invest little in technology or human capital development; this trend has depressed the development of technologically advanced maquiladoras, human capital development that would diversify and develop the Mexican economy. Samstad and Pipkin establish the variance between first, second and third generation Maquiladoras, first generation factories are structured as high intensity / low skill labor operations, second generation factories marry labor with technological advancement and third generation factors make service sector and technologically trained positions central. Unfortunately, empirically this development of the generations of industry has not occurred, 80 percent of the maquiladoras are still “typically concentrated in labor intensive manufacturing industries, such as clothing and apparel assembly and electronics.” The number of technicians that were employed has hardly changed from 1980 to 2000. The model that the Mexican government presents of the maquiladoras’ technological development is inconsistent with the fact that “foreign corporations devoted only 1.15 percent of income to technology expenditures” . Only small amount of foreign investment is retained in ways that it could develop industries, this means there is “little hope for real technology transfer.” The maquiladora industries rarely expand beyond the first…

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