The Mexican Left Back Essay examples

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The Mexican left back passed me the ball so I switch the play to the right side of the pitch. Our Brazilian right midfielder Eduardo was ready to cross the ball to our Jamaican striker Alonzo. Eduardo fooled everyone and he passed it to our playmaker Michael who scored the winning goal and together we made history for Cheshire Academy. All of these nationalities companied together under the roof of American freedom. Diversity is a key element to improve and have a successful society. Maintaining the culture ties give all groups the right to follow their respective cultures. For along time America is known by the diverse beliefs, religions and cultures. People in the United States have the right to practice their own religions and traditions. “Americans practice nearly every religion found in the world today. We deal in a daily basis with people who have different religions. Mormons, Jews, Christians, Muslims and many more religions make this society unique,”(Berkeley). In societies where the different culture backgrounds. are ignored people are not able to practice their own religion freely. For me praying is not a problem in the United States because Masjids are available anywhere you go. It is not the case in countries like Germany where people disrespect the difference between human beings. In Bonn city you cannot pray Al-Eid pray which is the day Muslims break their fast because people will be judging you and make you feel uncomfortable. However this is not…

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