The Mexican And Cuban Revolutions Essay

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There are a number of revolutions that we have studied in the second part of the course. However, the two I am focusing on are the Mexican and Cuban revolutions. These revolutions have three main aspects in common: they are both nationalistic revolutions. Secondly, they both are multifaceted- each supported by different people in the social hierarchy such as peasants and students. Lastly, each push for a more equitable society in terms of class and race and attempt to create laws to support their new outlook on each. In contrast, unlike in Mexico, Cuba was more radical. Student opposition and mobilization were a very important part in both revolutions, however in Cuba the students become more radicalized, soon Batista attempts to shut down the campus where the radical students are coming from. The second difference between the revolutions is that different types of governments are established in each country. The final difference is that the outcomes of these revolutions differ. The Mexican and Cuban revolutions have many similarities, one of the most evident being that that are both nationalistic/pan Latin Americanism. In their constitution of 1917, there is one main article- articles 27- that bring in the nationalistic aspect. Article 27 deals with the distribution of land and sovereignty of the land. No one has the right a property, to make sure that the people get the most out of the land, the Cuban governments requires that if you are granted land you must be…

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