The Methods Of Nursing Education Essay

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Methods of Nursing Education As mentioned previously, HPS, a method of nursing education, provides students the experience of demonstrating their critical thinking skill set by applying knowledge gained through didactic and previous clinical situations in a non-threatening environment in which observation by their course faculty member occurs without causing harm to a patient. Moreover, yielded through the use of HPS is an opportunity for students to apply cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills to address realistic situations of patient care (Miller & Boswell, 2012). Specifically, two types of HPS exist, low-stakes and high-stakes. Low-stakes assessments, both used by the learner and faculty, are situations in which the HPS used by the learner and faculty substantiate achievement toward personal, course, or program learning goals (Jeffries & Clochesy, 2012). The literature authored by Davis & Kimble (2011) documents the importance of the utilization of a rubric for the evaluation of students during HPS by expressing that a rubric guides the faculty in determining if the participant has met or not met the expected learner outcomes. In addition, concise parameters found in rubrics provide means for students to better understand the HPS experience and how their actions did or did not meet the set parameters (Davis & Kimble, 2011). Consequently, documented assessment findings provided through the use of a rubric will help the student by giving them the experience to…

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