Essay about The Methods Of Controlling Anxiety

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In the following paper I will go into detail about methods of controlling anxiety. Millions of people seek help for their condition and find the solution that works for them. The potential solutions that I’ve looked into are the following; Acupuncture, Healthy diet, Exercise, Meditation and Counseling.
Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method of regulation energy in one’s body. It has many uses mostly used for pain relief however have many practical uses like aiding with anxiety. As modern times approached most of the art was forgotten due to lack of anatomy knowledge and lack of scientific advancement we have today. It has been looked at controversially due to the lack of scientific evidence and plenty of bias. The method has been being used for so long it is hard to find an accurate sample size due to the bias of people that seek acupuncture. Studies have revealed placebo is believed to be the true reason of the loss of one’s discomfort and it has been difficult to prove consistent results. Having a constant healthy diet is an important part in every aspect of one’s life that is often forgotten. Starting at the beginning of your day have a glass of water has proven to improve all cognitive functions. Beginning your day with a fruit protein smoothie and other high calorie highly nutritious foods can control the mood your body will head towards. Avoiding greasy foods can be difficult due to the easy and cheap access today’s society has created but it is important not…

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