The Method Of Scientific Observation Essay

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The method of scientific observation, based on the quantitative instruments was used for this research. The data of National Centers for Environmental Information of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (4) and U.S. Climate Data Center (5) was included as information from primary sources for temperature variation data as for the month of December within the period of 2011-2015. As for the secondary sources, the trusted opinions of experts were analyzed and critically discussed to find out the consistent approach on the significance of the results.
The selected methodology was used to convince the reader on the practical use of climate change in the context of global warming as the set of positive outcomes in the agricultural area of this region. The evidences from the secondary resources were used to prove this position. The presented data on the climate change were sufficient to affirm the thesis statement accordingly. And, the experimental data context or of (the global warming) helped to understand the significance of this research.

For this research, the data of the official organizations that track climate changes within the local United States in the context of the global scales is presented for the further review and discussion. The collected information from these resources is used to move the scientific story forward and find out the practical implications and outcomes of climate changes to build a good forecast on the weather features in December of…

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