The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Essay

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The story "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka opens with the realization that the main character, Gregor Samsa, has awoken as a giant bug. The reader is introduced to this extreme metamorphosis right from the start. However, does the title "The Metamorphosis" really refer to this blatant and quite literal change, or does it refer to something less obvious and more subtle? After reading into the story deeper the reader is often left wondering, "To what does the title 'The Metamorphosis ' really refer to?" By indentifying Gregor 's relationships and perceptions of himself as well as his family members, particularily his father, Mr. Samsa, and his sister, Grete it becomes apparent that the Metamorphosis has less to do with Gregor 's literal appearance change and has more to do with a change in perception. Gregor 's perception of both his father, sister, and of his own role in his family changes throughout the course of his transformation, showing us that the real metamorphosis of the story was internal as opposed to external.
Prior to his transformation into a giant bug, Gregor perceived his father as being a somewhat lazy and helpless man. When Gregor recounts his memories of his father he describes him as having "grown rather fat and become sluggish." (112). Mr. Samsa 's growth into a fat and sluggish man apparently occurred after "the collapse of his business five years earlier." (110). These quotes would lead us to believe that Mr. Samsa had been relying on Gregor 's…

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