The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Essay

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The Metamorphosis, the longest published writing during the lifetime of Franz Kafka. Franz Kafka was Jewish German writer, who was born in Austro – Hungarian Empire. During that time French was language for upper class people, but he wrote his work The Metamorphosis in German, so everyone could be the viewer including lower class. He was a highly respected senior executive in the large insurance company, and had a law degree. It helped him to deliver his work to a more readers. The Metamorphosis is a highly symbolic novella (little novel) This novella is about how the protagonist of the story Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, wakes up in the morning and finds himself transformed into a giant cockroach, and how he is indifferent and alienated by his family. Neither Gregor nor his family seem to be worried that much when they found about his transformation. Gregor hates his job and his boss, but have already worked there for five years and still have many to work, because his parents had a debt to a particular employer. His father’s business was closed five years ago, and Gregor became only one who has a job in the family. His mother had an asthma, his younger sister Greta did not work as well, and his father was left emotionally broken and exhausted because of his business’s failure. Maybe, because now Gregor is the only provider of the family his fist thing to be worried about in the morning was his job. Also, his family’s concern was that he was late for his job, and…

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