The Metamorphosis And The Turn Of The Screw Essay

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The Metamorphosis and The Turn of the Screw speak to many emotions due to the multiple interpretations, such as sympathy. In The Turn of the Screw the sympathetic reader looks at the Governess. She is young, inexperienced, naïve, and in a strange place with strange children. The governess is put in a difficult position when she takes on the children who seem to stray from normal mannerisms of youth. Readers are sympathetic towards the governess because the children seem deceitful and yet, act like angles. Miles and Flora go as far as to leave the safety of the house and trick the governess:
There was clearly another person above me – there was a person on the tower; but the presence on the lawn was not in the least what I had conceived and had confidently hurried to meet. The presence on the lawn – I felt sick as I made it out – was poor little Miles himself.

This could be the ghosts possessing the children however, that is not clear and such an occurrence is reason to feel sympathetic. If the ghosts are the reason for the strange behavior then the governess now has to protect Miles and Flora from a very real threat. This threat could also be in the governess’ head. The children never stated that Miles was looking at or for Peter Quint. What is said was that he was looking up. What is more, the governess does not know the true intentions of the young ‘angles’. It is possible that they are perfectly behaved and the odd behavior is due to them being possessed by the ghosts.…

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