Essay on The Messages Of Schools From Hard Times And Jane Eyre

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Messages from Victorian Schools
An Analysis of the Messages about Schools from Hard Times and Jane Eyre
“You will be never more than someone who flips burgers!” Sometimes, very rarely, teachers may tell this to their students. Whether it be that the teacher may feel that that student be stupid, or maybe that teacher doesn’t like that student for a reason. Although it is very highly unlikely for this incident to occur in today’s society, this occurred all the time in Victorian schools. It has been noted that Victorian teachers at this time were; dull, strict, and mean. In other words, Victorian schools were a very uncomfortable place for young children to begin their education. This ideology is well depicted in the short stories Hard Times and Jane Eyre. In these stories, the authors, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Brontë, show how rough and terrible the school system was during the Victorian Period. These two writers are significant in that child had no voice at this time. Once Dickens and Brontë wrote these stories, children were given a voice that they once used to never have. These stories helped show most adults the cruel educational system that their children were in. Upon reading these two stories, there can be many themes about Victorian schools. However, the three main themes about Victorian schools are; cruel teachers, children not being creative, and horrible conditions.
Initially, the short stories Hard Times and Jane Eyre depicted teachers as being cruel. As…

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