The Message Of The Bible Essay

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Christianity has been present in America since the 16th century; with time cultures have changed and continued to evolve. In today’s American culture the message of the bible has been changed to fit into the lives of the American Christians. The messages from the bible were written as a method of teaching and a code for how one should live their life, these messages are being changed in such ways that it makes one question if the messages the people are receiving really the word of the Lord, or are they customized to fit into the American life. Throughout history American Christianity has changed, as the bible tells one how they should live their life, American and Biblical Christianity have separated. American Christians do not live the way in which the bible guides them to live.
America was found in the mid 15th century by European settlers coming to the new world to escape Europe and have religious freedom. Christopher Columbus who is said to be one of the first to find America and was of the Roman Catholic faith. Columbus wanted to spread the Christian Faith, as others were looking to leave for religious freedom. From the founding of the new world by Columbus there have been centuries in which religions has been shaped and formed through cultural changes. Through this transformation and Christianity had become very diverse. “The transitional period between 1780 and 1830 left as indelible an imprint upon the structures of American Christianity as it did upon those…

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