The Message Of Inequality Between Women And Women Essay

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The message of inequality in feminism sends is: that all women do not matter, only certain women of a certain class do. Thus, it reinforces inequality between women even more. We are tearing each other down while others succeed. Friedan’s treatments of these groups mirror what mainstream society at large still neglects, people of color and lower class working women. How can society praise a white middle class educated white woman, and not recognize the efforts of a hard working uneducated single mother that does anything necessary for her children? This issue of non-inclusion continues today through the educational system by denying immigrant women the opportunity to obtain an education. If they do not have the proper documentation they are not qualified to attend college. Lower working class women on the other hand, are forced to choose work over education because of their living situations. Not to mention the high cost of tuition that keeps rising consistently. More importantly, women of color and women of lower working classes do not have the resources available in order to succeed in obtaining an education. Countless others are already mothers and wives and do not have the time or child care. Also, Reentry for higher education doesn’t always accommodate every woman’s needs.
Equally speaking on racism and sexism, there was a controversy that happened on April 4, 2007. Don Imus, a well-known and recognized radio and television talk show host was caught in a controversy…

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