Essay on The Message And The Islamic Community

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The Message and the Islamic Community

One of the biggest questions currently being asked about Islam is the question of how Islam should be understood in modern times. Moustapha Akkad’s film The Message attempts to answer that question by showing the resilience and devotion in the community that formed itself around Muhammad and the revelation of the Qur’an. Despite all of the obstacles they ran into, nothing could sway them from their belief in the Qur’an and Muhammad. This belief allowed them to form a community that is admirable it its virtues, and formidable in its strengths. In the film, the audience is shown the unrelenting commitment the first Islamic community had to their religion, and the vehemence they had when protecting their right to be Muslim. As this community is still alive and thriving, the portrayal of the Islamic community translates to the present, explaining how modern Muslims view the role of Muhammad and the revelations in their own lives.
In the film, the coming of Islam generated very intense reactions, some in favor of the new religion, and many that opposed it. Muhammad was able to stir a passionate devotion within the hearts of mankind. When his followers hear a new revelation, their faces are illuminated with a soft, glowing candlelight that allows the audience to see the expression of awe on their faces. When talking about Muhammad, his followers are pensive, but earnest. As Ammar convinces his parents to believe in Muhammad and God, he…

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