The Mere Logical Possibility Of A God Essay

1875 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
In deducing the mere logical possibility of a God, it is important that one first delves into exactly what characteristics this being is said to have; mainly what is it this being can and cannot do. Religions touting a singular entity, God, to be their creation of the world, hold several interesting beliefs with regard to the characteristics of such a being; God is Omnipotent, omniscient, and is morally perfect. Religions holding a singular God to be responsible for creation, have a similar belief, in that God, in his perfect goodness, used his powers of omnipotence, created a world, which he knows everything about, as he is also omniscient. Some of these characteristics have very clear consequences attached to them, leading to incoherence in several regards; an issue which is then compounded when they are taken together in entirety. It is not the place of this piece to prove the existence of a God with such characteristics, but rather to reconcile the seemingly incoherent characteristics of such a God, creating a more plausible representation. First one must consider the idea of a morally perfect God, who does no evil, being wholly and entirely good. Goodness of God may be seen as a result of one of two possibilities, either it is due to a moral characteristic, or as a state of being. In the case of a characteristic, meaning that God has a separate moral characteristic of the good, which is a perfect form of good, and possessing no moral default; in the metaphysical sense,…

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