The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare Essay

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In the Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare a Christian merchant, Antonio, seals a bond with a Jewish moneylender, Shylock who he has always detested. Because it is stated so in the bond, when Antonio fails to pay the three thousand ducats back, they are put in trial where Shylock demands for one pound of Antonio’s flesh from wherever he pleases. In this play, the author perfectly portrays how both mercy and justice are rejected and how people’s perspective on justice and mercy will vary according to who they are and where in the situation they stand.

Specifically in a trial regarding to whether something belongs to someone or not, people have different perspectives on the topics such as mercy and justice whether they are the victim, the accused, the defendant of the victim or defendant of the accused. During the trial, we see a slight change of perspective on mercy and justice from two characters, Shylock and Antonio’s defendant, Portia. When the trial begins, Bassanio offers Shylock three time what Antonio owes him but Shylock rejects the offer. When he rejects the offer, the duke asks Shylock how can he ever hope for mercy if he does not give mercy now. In response, because Shylock knows Venice heavily depends on the law he says, “The pound of flesh which I demand of him is dearly bought; ‘tis’ mine and I will have it. If you deny me, fie upon your law; there is no force in the decrees of Venice. I stand for judgment. Answer: Shall I have it? ” (4.1-100-104). In…

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