The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare Essay

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Lorenzo’s importance in the Merchant of Venice
It’s common for fathers to grant a blessing for the elopement of two individuals. This blessing is usually given if they approve of the two who are wishing to be married. However, if the father doesn’t want his daughter to be married, then his wish should be respected. This is hardly the case in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Lorenzo, a minor character, intends to elope and run off with Jessica, the daughter of a rich Jew named Shylock. Knowing that Shylock would disapprove because Lorenzo is a Christian and they intend to take all of his money, the couple marries in secret. This action fuels a deep anger and hatred inside Jessica’s father, causing him to seek out vengeance later in the play. Shylock takes out his anger and hatred on Antonio, a merchant of Venice, by offering an inhumane contract that he swears to follow. He wouldn’t have been this cruel if he hadn’t been angry with Lorenzo taking Jessica away. Even though
Lorenzo is a minor character, he is still important in the play because his religion clashes with
Shylock’s, he is a friend of Antonio, and loves Jessica in his own way. By making Shylock angry, this leads to the main climax of the play and making it end the way it did.
Christians, like Shylock, and Jews, like Lorenzo, clash with each other during the play.
The night Jessica runs off, Shylock says, “...lock up my doors, and when you hear the drum and the vile squealing of the wrynecked fife, clamber not…

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