The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare Essay

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The Merchant in Venice, is a play written by William Shakespeare. The setting is placed in Venice, Italy where a young man by the name of Antonio is with a few of his fellow friends by the names of Solanio and Salerio. Antonio claims to be not feeling quite himself, he claims to be weary and sad, but cannot quite grasp why. His friends begin to make guesses at his sadness by suggesting he is worrisome about the ships that he has contributed money to may get washed away at sea. Antonio doesn’t agree with their accusation of this and begins to disagree with his friends. Soon, Bassiano, Lorenzo, and Graziano arrive in the streets. They begin to talk about why Antonio may be sad, and then leave just leaving Bassiano and Antonio to converse. Bassiano needs to borrow money from Antonio to pay back a debt, we soon find out that there is a bachelorette named Portia who lives in Belmont and is inherited a fortune from her father who has set up a way to make her meet the perfect man. In Act 2, we find that Portia is being set up with all of these wealthy men and they are told to pick from three chests and if the bachelor picks the wrong chest then he is not allowed to look for marriage again. As soon the scene ends we are introduced to Lancelot who is Shylock’s servant. Lancelot is in terrible condition and wishes to be taken in by Bassiano for better conditions and living. Bassiano agrees to this arrangement and Graziano arrives and insists on traveling with Bassiano to…

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