Essay on The Mental Illness Of The United States

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Every so often we turn on the news, read the newspapers, listen to stories around us or even close experiences, which talk about suicide or a crime that was a result of the individual being mentally ill. This is inevitably an issue that we are aware of as we go about our daily lives. Like obesity, mental health diagnoses and treatment has a history in the USA. In the past, mental illness was considered spiritual or a form of punishment by god. When I was growing up in Nigeria, a mentally ill person was considered an outcast and was deemed useless by family and friends. People would go to local traditionalist so they could help them appease to a higher god so that the sickness they thought was inflicted by god, as per requested by another person who did not like the “afflicted” person, could be removed. The diagnosis of mental illness was used in the military, as a way to screen out individuals that were not considered qualified for military service. In the USA mentally ill patients were confined in an asylum as opposed to them receiving treatments. In the early 1900’s the approach to treatment of mental illness changed. Insulin and electric shock was used to treat people with schizophrenia for example, and other mental illness. Lobotomy which was a neurosurgical procedure that involved removing a part of the brain was also used to treat patients (Wikipedia). These kinds of somatic treatments began to be used indiscriminately by healthcare providers. For example, in the book…

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