The Mental Illness Of Schizophrenia Essay

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This paper will discuss the mental illness of Schizophrenia. I will begin this paper by summarizing the etiology, diagnosis criteria and symptoms commonly associated with the mental illness of schizophrenia; Next I will address the impact of Schizophrenia on daily occupational performance; Then I will describe the typical interventions used for Schizophrenia; Finally, I will provide my own emotional response to meeting a consumer educator with Schizophrenia and will cover the stigma people with mental illness face.
Etiology and Diagnostic Criteria
The mental illness of schizophrenia can be broken down into its Greek roots, schizo, meaning split and phrenia, meaning mind. “Schizophrenia affects 1% of the world’s population, with around one-third to one-half of the homeless having schizophrenia” (Holubova, 2016). Schizophrenia is a disorder of the brain that people are born with and can show up in any race, sex, and culture, with onset usually occurring in the teens and early twenties due to a trigger from a stressful event. “It 's not known what causes schizophrenia, but researchers believe that a combination of genetics and environment contributes to development of the disorder” (Mayo Clinic, 2014). People with mental illness, especially schizophrenia, have an increased risk of suicide and self educed physical harm. Having Schizophrenia go untreated can be hazardous and even fatal to both the victim of the disease as well as their families and loved ones around them.…

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