Essay on The Mental Health Stigma Of A College Campus

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“I just want to kill myself!” said the annoyed college student. “Why are you so moody today, are you bipolar?” said the over-dramatic friend. “You need to smile more often or you won’t make any friends,” said the oblivious mother. Walking around a college campus one hears remarks that have become a normality to say, but are offensive to other people. When people joke about killing themselves or throw around terms such as bipolar or depressed they do not realize they are supporting the mental health stigma society has created. The statistics speak for themselves, and show that more people suffer from mental health illnesses than one would think. For example on a college campus, one out of four students is suffering from a mental illness (Kerr, 2012). Between the ages of 15 and 24, suicide is the second leading cause of death (Taylor 2016). And 75 percent of college students suffering from a mental illness will not receive or seek the help or treatment they need (Kerr, 2012).
If so many people suffer from mental illnesses why does society not discuss prevention or treatment options openly? Mental illnesses are seen as a taboo and are pushed to the back of the closet like old pieces of clothing. From 6500 BCE, when mental illnesses first became prevalent, until modern medicine emerged they were three theories regarding the contributing factors to mental disorders: supernatural, somatogenic, and psychogenic (Farreras, 2016). Each theory about mental illnesses and the treatment…

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