The Mental Health Problems Of Young Children Essay

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Developmental issues can be hard to distinguish. The mental health problems of young children are often unrecognized until they become severe and difficult to treat”(e.g., Tolan & Dodge, 2005; U.S. Public Health Service, 2000a, 2000b). Not diagnosing children in earlier stages of development can be detrimental to their adulthood in many aspects. One in twenty children in America establish a form of depression before the age 19. There are multiple varieties of depression that can occur. Major depression, being in a low state for more than two weeks straight is one that commonly is developed. How is Depression Developed in Children?
Although depression can be inherited from past generations it is on off balance of hormones in your brain usually caused by major life events or grief. These casualties can be lack of health, family relations, Biochemical unbalance, and environment. Depression is more common in boys under the age of 10, but become greater in girls age 16. 510,000 children ages 11 to 16 have a mental disorder uncounted for 62,000 of them are majorly depressed.Symptoms go unnoticed because of a tendency of depression to have an insidious onset in children, and because symptoms may fluctuate in intensity (Hazell, 2002). Development of depression ventures off of situations that make the brain chemical unbalance. Being upset for period of time can trigger this imbalance of hormones.Cortisol is the hormone that causes the brain to convert into depression. High…

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