Essay about The Mental Health Of Men

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The Mental Health of Men
Throughout history, men have been seen as superior in all ways to women, and this harmful stereotype still plays a role in today’s society. However, it wasn’t until recent times that the idea of mental disorders and health has been feminized and men’s mental health has largely been ignored (1). When referring to mental disorders and health, this is an encompassing term that refers to both affective and behavioral disorders that are patterned in both men and women
(1). Although there has been some debate throughout history about empirical mental differences between men and women, it is proven that both sexes are capable of being diagnosed with the same mental disorders. Male and female victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse can all show the same symptoms as one another, but because of cultural differences, it is less likely for men to seek help for their cognitive disorders (2). This has written a false narrative about the idea that men either don’t experience mental health issues, or that they shouldn’t experience them or seek help and treatment, which in turn, has led to a lack of male mental health literacy (2).
Historical Changes in Mental Health
Gender differences in mental health have been noted and studied over historical periods, but have evolved in their findings. Before the 1800’s, it was men that were considered to have the worse mental health between the two sexes, because females were thought to be…

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