Essay about The Mental Health Field Is Pretty Clean Cut

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Beginning this journey in the mental health field I thought it was pretty clean cut. My friends tended to come to me for advice and would often tell me how well I was at being able to view situations from different standing points. With the praise I was receiving, it would only be smart to get paid for the craft in which I exceled in. It was not until I began to gain experience that I realized that the psychology field was so much more than telling a friend to find their own happiness.
The issues of the lunch table in high school were nothing compared to what I was to learn. Through college I realized there is a vast world of individuals fighting their hardest battle yet; their selves. It was then that I gained a genuine passion for helping others. I realized that it is far more satisfying to help someone receive little moments of peace within their minds than to help a friend figure out their issues with their current boyfriend. Shortly after I received a position at Dover Behavioral Health Systems, a psychiatric hospital here in Dover, Delaware. I have always been one to get what needed to be handled done when it came to work, but this opportunity was the first time that my passion to help others in a deeper way was fed. However, this position as a Mental Health Technician was just a taste of the help I want to offer. This position was the foundation that solidified that this was the field for me but this position was just the beginning. I needed to continue to pursue…

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