The Men Of England By Percy Bysshe Shelley Essay

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Percy Bysshe Shelley was a well-known poet throughout the romantic period and wrote many poems during this time period. But in his master-piece Song-To the Men of England, he showed that even though he can dumb down his poem, he can still write a pretty good one. The reasoning for this was so that the men of England, the working class people that they are being used and are getting nothing in return. But in the poem Shelley uses many different poetical devices that makes this poem stand out. Then he brings it all together to show how the wealthy of England are taking advantage of the working class citizens. There are many poetical devices in Percy’s poem Song-To the Men of England that help bring it together. But the one device that stands out the most throughout the poem, also is most important to any poem is the tone. Percy has a tone that sounds snobbish because he is telling the men of England that they are being used and need to stand up and rebel against the government. They are working hard every day and don’t get anything in return instead getting what they worked hard for stolen from under their feet. In stanza five line seventeen Percy says “The seed ye sow another reaps.” So the only way to get what is yours is to show the higher power of England that you won’t take no for an answer.
He uses a tone of rebellion in stanza six in the last line Percy says “Forge arms, in your defence to bear.” Why would the men of England need to forge their own weapons for their…

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