Essay about the men admiring themselves on the water

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I have really been fascinated when I read William B. Yeats’ poem named “The Old Men Admiring Themselves In The water” which seems too short but includes more than what it looks in terms of meaning. Here, I tried to analyze his great but seeming little poem in terms of the physical characteristics of the poem,literary devices used in poem , emotions I have been felt by these literary devices,meaning of the poem and finally Why I chose this poem to analyze .
Firstly ,I analyzed the rhyme scheme of poem as a only stanza and I found it one of the most unfamiliar rhyme scheme I have ever seen.The rhyme scheme is abaccbac which dissimilar to other works we studied on up to now.The meter is also different from what we have seen. While the
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To summarize , “The Old Men Admiring Themselves In The water” poem includes many imageries and a meaning that is really like a complaint about Why we are getting older and dying and I tried to give a brief analysis of poem in the shortness of poem in terms of literary meaning and

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