The Memory Keeper 's Daughter By Kim Edwards Essay

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Limitations and Restrictions: The Affect of Disabilities on Individuals
There is no problem with individuals with disabilities; the problem is society ignoring the abilities that these individuals do have. The novel The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards shows a journey of the life of a child, Phoebe, growing up with Down syndrome. The film I am Sam directed by Jessie Nelson is a story about a middle aged mentally challenged man, Sam Dawson, who is trying to fight for the rights to be the guardian of his daughter, while other difficulties appear in his life. Restrictions placed on a mentally disabled individual affect independence, ethics, and loved ones in both the film I am Sam, and the novel The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, however the novel shows disadvantages of growing up with a disability as a child, whereas the film portrays the impact on adulthood.
Having a disability limits the ability of an individual to live a successful and independent life compared to an average person. Sam Dawson attempts to work at many different jobs in order to make a living and provide for his daughter, Lucy. “Sam they called. It’s time for you to go.” (Nelson) Sam worked at a barista, but was fired by his boss due to his mental incapability’s. Firstly, Sam was born mentally handicapped, meaning he has a lack of education and therefore cannot amount to highly skillful jobs. This is why he must resort to working at Starbucks, because of his short resume and lack of experience. However,…

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