Essay on The Memories Of The Memory System

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It is a common belief today that as we get older our memory deteriorates, making us forget the simplest of things. Whether it is losing a set of keys or forgetting a family members name, these common problems show the fact that people 's memories over time continue to get worse. Sometimes their memory is even worse than they think it is.
A persons memory begins to deteriorate as early as their twenties and tends to pick up speed as they reach their fifties. Generally, older people have more difficulty learning new things, retrieving old information, and multitasking (Humans). To begin to understand what causes this weakening of the memory system, we must first understand how the human memory works. When the senses perceive something, several parts of the brain, including the hippocampus and frontal cortex, determine whether it will be encoded as a memory. Based on numerous factors, including how interested we are in it, if we are paying attention, and whether we are consciously trying to remember. Electric impulses in the brain carry the information to be stored in various sections. These impulses carry the information across the synapses between neurons from the release of neurotransmitters. If more cells send messages to one another, then the connections between the synapses become stronger. This explains how a repetition of an action allows us to remember it. One example is going over information multiple times while studying for a test. The process of repetition…

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