The Memorial Union Bus Terminal Essay

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The Memorial Union Bus Terminal From A Social Context Approach

During these eleven weeks in LDA 01, we have discussed several approaches to the discipline of environmental design. Some, but not all of these approaches are the social context, ecological, participatory, artistic, and the cultural competency approach. For this project in specific, I decided to analyze a site using the social context approach. For me, this approach is the most interesting and crucial when planning a project. The social context approach focuses on the people that use the site, how they interact in and with it, and their needs. Part of what you need to do when observing a place through this approach is observe the people and what they do. Observing all the different types of people from different backgrounds and cultures, what they do, and how they use the space is simply astonishing and also quite fun, that is why I consider the social approach my favorite. I used this approach to analyze a certain area, the Memorial Union Bus Terminal, and to propose a new design. The Unitrans Memorial Union Bus Terminal (MU Terminal) is one of the two Unitrans terminals on the UC Davis campus. The MU Terminal is located in the Quad district, north of the Memorial union and next to Hunt Hall. The bus terminal is the stop of eight Unitrans lines, which makes it a very busy spot on campus. I decided to focus on this site for project three because like I said before, this site is very busy and because of this,…

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