The Members Of The Portfolio Committee Essay

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To the Members of the Portfolio Committee, When I came to Spelman, I was an English major who lacked confidence in my writing and my intelligence at times. I knew the basics of writing, but not the dynamics. I could write a wonderful essay, but it would lack emotion and true depth. Spelman helped to change my confidence and made me the writer I am today. Reflecting back on my senior year, I was hesitant to become an English major. I have a true love and passion for the language, but my writing wasn’t as strong as I would like it to be. I was nervous to take a college level English class because I thought my writing wouldn’t be up to par. In retrospect, I can honestly say this lack of confidence was dumb and created obstacles that could have been avoided. Since being at Spelman, I have realized that a true writer does not write from the book. A true writer tells a story from their heart. I have always been consumed in making sure my writing was perfect and that it reflected what my teacher would want. But now I know that if you write like you care, the reader will have no choice but to feel the same. I have learned to set the tone in my writing by thoroughly researching and making my position clear. I have also learned the importance of planning. Countless teachers have told me that my writing feels rushed and sometimes my ideas aren’t clear. Spelman professors have taught me to find planning methods that best fit me. Personally, outlining has been the best option and I…

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