The Melting Glaciers Are Really Effect By Global Warming Essay

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Climate change refers to the change in weather patterns, which lasts for a long period of time. There are various factors causing the change in average weather conditions, such as plate tectonics, solar radiation, and volcanic activities. Recent climate changes, often refers to global warming, are believed to be significantly caused by certain human activates (What is, 2014).
The melting glaciers are definitely effect by global warming. Scientists estimate that glaciers around the world are losing 92 cubic-kilometers of ice each year, and it is a very remarkable loss in glacier cover. Glaciers stores water as ice in the winter, and melt during summer. There is a natural balance between the amount of water stored, and the amount ice melted. Yet, due to the raise of average temperature, it is difficult to store enough ice for the summer, and therefore glacier retreats every year (Water, 2014). In BC, over 50 percent of glacier ice was melted in the past century, and it has become more significant in recent years. (Fig. 1)

Human activity
The damage human done to the environment by the increasing release of carbon dioxide has the potential for irreversibility. The change in weather pattern could be largely irreversible for the next 1000 years, even if the emissions are stopped. The melting glacier ice, due to raising temperature, and its contribution to sea level rise in the future is yet uncertain, but might exceed several meters in the nest…

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