The Mega Marketing Of Depression Essay

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Redefining “Normal”
We are not as unique as we think we think we are. Instead we are a copy consisting of pieces of all that is around us. Anything we believe that we are is only a reflection of those who have influenced us. This is because we, humans, are wired to share ideas and seek for similarities with with the people that surround us, which then ends up producing a single idea of what normal is. Charles Siebert discusses the change of accepted normal human behavior towards elephants in his “An Elephant Crackup”. Whereas, Ethan Watters, wrote “The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan” to showcase how the norm for Japanese culture impacted many of its people in their mental distress. Lastly, “Son” by Andrew Solomon contributes to the idea that human behavior is affected by what others deem normal which he shows through the experiences of being homosexual. The idea of “normal” behavior gives people a template of how their daily lives should play out. In doing so people become constrained from living their lives in various ways, so many people in a single community have more or less the same lives. Like most things, this template of normal behavior can have negative results, like eliminating originality, or positive results, like creating a unity that allows communities to function efficiently, depending on the purpose of normality.
The idea of what constitutes normal human relationships affects the way we perceive others and our behavior towards them. During the human…

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