Essay on The Mega Marketing Of Depression

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Throughout the entirety of our species evolution, we have had a partner besides us growing along the way. An essential aspect of humanity that enables us to separate ourselves from the rest of the animal kingdom has been there from the start, this aspect is language. As we’ve evolved, so has our language. Being able to communicate in a more complex manner than other species has enabled us to perceive the world in a new light and with a more collective mindset. Therefore, we have become a super species that is able to see things just from hearing people speak about them. This exceptional ability can be seen in a myriad a literary works. In “The Mind’s Eye”, by Oliver Sacks, Sacks talks to blind people in order to better understand the way they perceive the world without sight. Also in “The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan”, by Ethan Watters, Watters discusses how big American pharmaceutical companies have been influencing the minds of the Japanese in order to increase their profits on an antidepressant. Every individual is able to perceive the world in a completely unique way, but what language has done to affect perception, is that it has given us the ability to share our perceptions and perhaps even persuade the perceptions of others. Language has evolved to such an extent that it is no longer just auditory but also encompasses other senses. Through the addition of written language, people are able to understand what someone is saying by reading their writing,…

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