Essay about The Meditations By Rene Descartes

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Even though the Meditations First on Philosophy was published in 1641 by René Descartes, he started working on this book in 1639, as revolution of sorts that ended with the Prince of Orange intervening on René’s behalf. This “controversy led Descartes to post two open letters against his enemies” that got him to involve a Prince and Princess, and charges where raised that “stemmed from various misunderstandings about his method and the supposed opposition of his theses to Aristotle,” the things of politics concerning the city, “and the Christian faith”, being the largest religious community at that time (Skirry 1). As a result, The Council of Utrecht called upon him and threaten to burn is writings and the expulsion of René from the Dutch Province of Utrecht indefinitely. This treatment towards Descartes all over a simple book that might have questions and considerations of the self, free will, and God in an analytical and evaluative way of proofs through . Which implies the dominance and power of the religious and claim of, “I think, therefore I am” this certainty of one’s self may have come across egoistical or darn right on spot of an idea that impacted modern Philosophy. Every human being wise and unpredictable, as Descartes and all of us know that humans can be, did not realize one thing that René realized. By first and foremost that no authority or amateur would contest or dispute in all fairness the certainty in one’s existence by the basis being a proposition…

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