The Medieval And Renaissance Period Essay

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The Medieval and Renaissance periods were drastically different from each other. The medieval period, from the 5th century though the 15th century, was based on religion and was dominated by the church in Europe. Any studies that went against God and the Bible was looked down upon, and people would be severely punished. Unlike the medieval period, the Renaissance gave men the chance to learn more about natural science rather than just religion. During the Renaissance, from the 14th century though the 17th century, scholars would reject the belief of God, but Dr. Faustus, a scholar, believed in magic. The insatiability of knowledge is what placed Dr. Faustus in an immoral position; he reached a limit of his human knowledge, and fell into the temptation of learning witchcraft. It was publicly inappropriate in the middle ages to work with magic and sorcery, yet it was ignored of in the Renaissance period. Although Dr. Faustus was a scholar in the Renaissance era, he was disciplined the medieval way. Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus is a play based on how humans truly struggle with good and evil, and the consequences that soon follow. The main character, Dr. Faustus rejects the medieval time period, the belief in God, and acknowledges that individuals have more potential when it comes to their knowledge, which portrays the Renaissance era. Even though Dr. Faustus was a scholar who did not believe in God, he believed in magic, which was uncommon for a scholar who was…

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