The Medici; Heroes of the Rennaissance Essay

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The Medici; Heroes of the Renaissance In the year 2004, PBS broadcasted the series, “Medici; Godfathers of the Renaissance”. This four-part documentary, in attempt to gain viewer interest, compared the Medici to the mobsters found in Francis Ford’s “The Godfather”. The relation of the Medici to Italian mobsters in the PBS Medici series is in no way accurate, for they were not villains of the renaissance, but heroes. The Medici were very connected with the church, and used their

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Michelangelo under the name of the Medici completed many inspiring pieces of art that would uplift the feel to society. He created the towering statue of David, which became a proud symbol of the city of Florence.

Another Medici sponsored artist, Botticelli was famous for a different kind of art. Botticelli’s artwork was sensual , and contained many mythical gods and godesses. In his painting ‘The Birth of Venus’ this is seen the most clear. Venus is known as ‘the goddess of love’ , and in this painting she is naked emerging from the sea. This type of artwork was popular because it radically celebrated humanism, and portrayed ‘the perfect humans’. This type of art inspired people, and were uplifting. However, it was controversial because although society accepted it, the church did not approve. This was only one of many Medici artists’ artworks that was frowned upon by the church during the renaissance.

Architecture played a big role in the uplifting of society as well. Architecture, like art, was another chance to out-do other cities, and win the title as most beautiful city. The Medici were patrons of the most famous architecture of the renaissance--Brunelleschi. Brunelleschi was the architect responsible for the completion of many Florentine buildings such as The Orphan’s Hospital, the Chapel of the Pazzi family, and most memorably; the Sistine Chapel’s dome. Brunelleschi’s architectural success brought forth a
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