The Medicare Legislation Has Brought Awareness Of The Health Care Reform

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The Medicare legislation has brought awareness of the health care reform. It is well known that the U.S. Health Care systems faces great challenges ahead with the baby boomers closing the gap to retirement. The Medicare legislation has been promoting constant improvement amongst the industry to cut costs and extend the life of the Medicare program. The Medicare legislation continues to add provisions that would strengthen the program by reducing costs for prescription drugs, expanding coverage for preventive care, providing more help for low-income beneficiaries, and supporting accessible, coordinated, and comprehensive care that effectively responds to patients’ needs. (Guterman, 2010) Medicare legislation has started to swing the pendulum in the healthcare provider’s direction changing payment focus on the quality and effective care on patients. Providers are demanded to switch to quality care methods with cost effective treatments. These newly imposed culture will spark change within the health care industry that leads to positive change throughout the life of the Medicare reform. Introducing the ongoing improving Health Care reform system; changing and inefficient healthcare spending is no longer our destiny. Initial government analysis projecting the survival of the Medicare program up to 2026 neglects the addition of fundamental shifts in healthcare supply demand relationships due to Medicare legislation provisions. The initial government analysis deployed…

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