Essay on The Medical World 's Transformation From Technology

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EPIC & Meaningful Use
Digital technology is constantly driving renovations worldwide; in this paper, the medical world’s transformation from technology will be discussed, specifically electronic health records. The scope of medicine brims with information, which demands a smooth flow of information within an electronic health care infrastructure. Many electronic health databases are in use today, encompassing various clinical functions and influencing the way care is delivered and compensated. Amongst many electronic health records (EHRs), one healthcare information system that has been attracting attention across many hospitals is EPIC (Electronic Patient Information Chart).
EPIC delivers the promise of being user-friendly, multi-functional across many health disciplines, and allowing accessibility to the entire healthcare community (“EPIC”, 2015). EPIC not only includes clinical functions, but also registration, scheduling, medical coding, and billing (“EPIC”, 2015). Although many other healthcare information systems may offer similar functions, they are typically more scattered and from external companies, creating a more disjointed database (Murphy, 2013). EPIC aims to be less cumbersome and more efficient by being a fully integrated system incorporating functions of different medical areas, a few being pharmacy, radiology, and laboratory practices (“EPIC”, 2015).
When investigating why many organizations are opting for EPIC, it is important to consider governmental…

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