The Medical Treatment Of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Visiting the doctor is a task that no one looks forward to, but everyone does. This time during a doctor visit the nurse asks to draw blood. The nurse says “we will send the blood to the lab; it’s routine, we will call when the results come in.” One week later there is a call from the doctor who solemnly says he would like to meet with them in person. Upon arriving at the office the doctor says “I am sorry, but the results indicate terminal cancer.” Once the shock, and paralyzing fear subsides, what resources are there? Physician-assisted suicide is when “lethal drugs are prescribed or supplied by the physician at the patient’s request and self-administered by the patient with the aim of ending his or her life” (Emanuel et al. 80). This should be one among the many choices that patients have when they receive medical treatment for a terminal illness. Physician-assisted suicide is a controversial issue that ultimately ends the suffering of a terminally ill patient. A patient should be able to take their life into their own hands and pass peacefully with the ones they love and care for on their own terms. The federal government should guarantee the right to physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill, for every United States citizen who meets eligibility requirements. Physician-assisted suicide needs to be recognized by the federal government to show terminally ill patients that their right to autonomy is not being ignored. The Bill of Rights of Patients was…

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