The Medical / Surgical Clinical Experience Essay

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What I (or We) Observed During the Medical/Surgical Clinical Experience Throughout the semester I was able to observe nurses and was able to see a glimpse of their daily routine. Sadly, I have noticed a few examples of nurses not giving adequate care to their patients. One day this semester I was able to observe a nurse in the Critical Care Unit. There was a 65 year old male who just had heart surgery. He had suffered from a stroke in the past and was unable to communicate effectively and had difficulty ambulating. He wanted to go to the urinal, however he was unable to reach the urinal in time. There was urine on the floor and on his socks. The nurse wiped up the floor however did not change the patient’s socks. The nurse said to wait until the sanitation crew came first before changing his socks or they would need to change his socks again. After about three hours I went to check on him again and he said his socks were still wet and no one has come to change him. I went to another nurse who was able to change him and retrieve the sanitation workers promptly. There are multiple issues that can arise from leaving a patient in wet clothing for an extended period of time. Bacteria proliferate in the wet warm environments, if the patient had weakened skin integrity on his feet an infection may begin to develop. Also according to Lundgren (2013), risk factors for the development of pressure ulcers, include incontinence and excess moisture of the skin. Both of…

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