Essay on The Medical Practice Of Euthanasia

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Voluntary Euthanasia is the medical practice of intentionally ending your own life in order to relieve pain and suffering. The Practice of Euthanasia; physician assisted suicide particularly is a topic that that has long been surrounded by much controversy. Currently only two states in the United States have laws that legalized Physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill, those states being Washington and Oregon. Many people take the opposing side for reasons such as religious beliefs, thoughts that it is unethical or that patients are being weak and just plain giving up. However for a person that may be suffering from a painful and incurable disease, they may see it as a resolution to escape from the never ending pain that they endure on a daily basis. My stance is that I believe that it should be legalized through out the United States because it allows terminally ill people to dictate the amount of pain they are willing to endure, it also makes economic sense and allows patients to facilitate their death in a safe and effective manner.

While making the decision to end one 's own life is a very serious matter, I do feel that it should be a personal decision made by an individual and not dictated by laws based off a lawmakers personal or moral beliefs. In case’s where Euthanasia is legal and available to terminally ill Patents that already know that death is inevitable, regardless if it is done medically or by letting a disease consume them. My reasons for…

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