The Medical Model Of Disability Essay

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The subject of defining disability is one that is controversial and does not often come without emotional attachments. Each person has a different outlook on disability and how it should be viewed or handled depending on their personal feelings, medical status, interactions with disabled individuals, and other personal aspects. It is nearly impossible to universally define disability in just a short sentence or phrase due to the different approaches and beliefs that revolve around it. There are two widely-known models for disability, the Medical Model and the Social Model, that attempt to define the term and explain what should be done for disabled individuals.
The Medical Model of disability defines disability as being a medical problem or issue that people should try to fix or improve. Believers and followers of the Medical Model think that any “solution,” or what they believe to be helpful equipment, should be directed toward disabled individuals. The Medical Model implies that any disabled person would want equipment (cochlear implants, robotic arms, robotic legs, advanced wheelchairs, etc.) that could make them more “normal” or more independent. However, the model does not take into account that many disabled people do not desire treatment, accommodations, or equipment. Both Hugh Herr and James Hughes in the documentary, Fixed, are advocates for the Medical Model. They believe that technology can greatly improve life for disabled individuals. They also believe that the…

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