The Medical Management Of Injuries Essay

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This writer works for a national insurance company whom by way of third party manages workers compensation claims in which nursing talent via telephonic or field based care is provided for the medical management of catastrophic and non- catastrophic injuries. In reflecting back on this week’s readings two manager categories of risk in this writers’ healthcare organization is the risk of not obtaining the required accreditation and security threats, in the respect of maintaining provide information whilst utilizing web-based programs. In previous years the most known type of security threats involved the threat of lost/ taken files or involved natural disasters that caused destruction to files. In the recent years many institutions including federal/ states have been subject to internet theft and plagiarism. The medical management of injuries requires the nurse case manager to be equipped with an encrypted laptop as to which he/she hold possession of all demographical, personal, medical and financial information for the patient. The laptop is encrypted with several institutional embedded programs that try its best to prevent hacking and web-based unauthorized access to such files. Protecting a healthcare facility against intrusion requires a multistep strategy. Depending on the facilities’ location, intrusion barriers should include perimeter controls, with a limited number of entry points and requirements for ID display, swipe cards, or radiofrequency identification (RFID)…

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