The Medical Field Truly Qualified For The Job At Hand Essay

2051 Words Nov 17th, 2016 9 Pages
In a single year 83.2% of adults and 97.6% of children have had some kind of contact with medical professionals due to some form of physical ailment (“Ambulatory Care Use…”). This statistic clearly displays that the average American has a sense of trust and devotion towards the medical system and the professionals who work there to help the community. However, are all those in the medical field truly qualified and deserving of this kind of trust? Do they really have the skills to truly take care of their patients or is their certification merely an illusion? While many people believe main medical professionals such as nurses or doctors are qualified, there have been questions as to whether or not the average certified nursing assistant (CNA) or caregiver providing care in nursing homes for the elderly is truly qualified for the job at hand.
CNA’s are given the imperative assignment of caring for those who are unable to care for themselves, and in most cases, have spent their entire lives caring for others. Now that the roles are reversed, these caregivers should be given the best care possible, since they are in need of daily care and protection from the waning powers of age. Through a plethora of research, interviews, and accumulation of experiences and varying sources, this essay will clearly examine whether or not a mere 116 hour course is providing caregivers with the necessary knowledge and qualifications they need and whether or not these courses are responsible for…

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