Essay on The Medical Field Regarding Technology And Disease

1124 Words Mar 21st, 2016 null Page
It has been more than sixty-five years since World War II ended. The twentieth century was full of segregation between race and gender, nightmare worthy diseases, unimaginable forms of technology, and monthly pay that could not buy a loaf of bread in today’s world. The differences in 1950 and 2016 are mind-boggling. Therefore, these two papers had to be incredibly different regarding style, language, and topic. Changing these three things depends on one thing, audience. The audience to which one is speaking to is critical regarding these three things because the audience must be able to understand what topics are being discussed and why. In 1950, topics such as economy, war, and civil rights were being talked about. In 2016, climate change, politics, and equal rights are topics at hand. In the first paper, I chose to talk about issues in the medical field regarding technology and disease. My audience was Dorothy Meeds, a close family friend who was a surgical nurse in the 1950’s. While interviewing Dorothy, I observed issues she talked about concerning her career as a nurse back then. Some of the main things I picked up on were how difficult watching patients endure untreatable diseases was, and how she wished there was better technology in the surgical field. I chose to discuss these topics in my first paper because if she were to read it, she would appreciate the research and topics talked about due to the fact that she was a part of all of it. For my second paper, I…

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