The Medical And Social Inequalities Essay examples

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Throughout history it is evident that inequalities and disparities are part of health systems and society. Even after all the success of activism, such as the work from the human rights movement and campaign, inequalities and disparities are still evident today. Especially within minority groups, such as LGBTQ* (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) individuals – this is not to say that LGBTQ are the only categories when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identities, thus it is followed by a * – and racial groups. Furthermore, it is evident that within minority groups there are specific micro-level groups that experience unique and sometimes even greater amount of inequalities and disparities. For example, the micro-level group of transgender individuals from the LGBTQ* community is one of the many minority groups that experience both medical and social disparities and inequalities.This paper will discuss both the medical and social inequalities and disparities that Transgender Individuals face, including structural violence and intentional violance.
Before discussing any of the above topics it is important to understand the following vocabulary, since they will be used throughout the paper and misunderstanding of such terms can originate confusion or inadequate conclusions and ideas towards the material discussed in this paper. The term definitions for this paper are obtained from Susan Stryker 's book, Transgender History (Stryker, 2008). The reason why…

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