The Media 's Portrayal Of Anti Islam Essay

775 Words May 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Terrorist, a word that means many different things to many different people, is painted by the media as an easily identifiable, one-dimensional, criminal in modern society. Google “terrorist”, and the only thing portrayed is turban wearing, automatic rifle carrying, Islamic extremist. Based on what has been learned through movies and mass media, the ability to identify a “terrorist” even when fully covered can be done based on the clothing and the surroundings in the images. American stereotypes also imply the conclusion that the location is in the Middle East, therefore, they have to be terrorists which also identifies them as Muslim. After 9/11 the media inundated the American public with feelings of fear and outrage perpetuating islamophobia. The media’s portrayal of anti - Muslim sediment is influencing and steering the American public because perpetuating stereotypes creates a distorted representation and has increased anti-Muslim attitudes in the United States. Islamophobia is a broad word that often “serves as an umbrella term to encapsulate negative sentiments ranging from an individual’s anti-Islam views to society-wide discrimination against Muslims” (Whitman). It is also reported that over half of Americans have an unfavorable opinion regarding the Islamic religion (Moore). Ashley Moore of Human Rights & Human Welfare states that, “The reasons behind the American misunderstanding of Islam can be traced to media stereotypes that have permeated American pop…

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